Beach Polo Cup Dubai

Meydan race course, Dubai, UAE

Beach Polo Cup Dubai – gigantic tornado shows polo fans the place to be


To mark its 20th edition, the Dubai World Cup like to present a spectacular multimedia show at Meydan Racecourse in Dubai. AO Creative and a lavish array of FALCONs contributed impressive light images.


Creating a spectacular jubilee light show in two acts
Framing the racecourse with xenon searchlights
Creating impressive light images
Highlights for the video show at the huge LED Screen (LD Robert Jones)
Searchlights interacting with video show


The end of the racing season at Meydan Racecourse was marked by a spectacular jubilee light show in two acts. Over 160 searchlights and seemingly organic tornado sculptures forming a canopy of light above the world’s biggest racecourse created the framework for the closing ceremony. Never before had so many searchlights been deployed at the Dubai World Cup.

For the design, programming and control of the lighting equipment for the Meydan Closing Ceremony, the general contractor, Fireworks by Grucci, under the direction of Phil Grucci (Executive Producer and General Creative Director) relied on the experience and expertise of AO Lighting’s creative department. Under the creative direction of lighting designer Jerry P. Appelt, AO Creative stationed over 100 FALCON searchlights around the racecourse.

In addition to those it supplied for the Closing Ceremony, AO Lighting was commissioned by Eclipse Staging Services to provide just under 60 further FALCON searchlights for Meydan Racecourse. For the video show at the start of the Closing Ceremony, lighting designer Robert Jones arranged the FALCONs around the LED screen. Interacting with the video show, the searchlights provided brilliant accents.


AO Creative realized a spectacular multimedia light show for the jubilee festivities. The musical light and fireworks spectacular broke the existing world record for the world’s largest pyrotechnic image.


AO Technology provides special effects for Beach Polo Cup Dubai lightshow

Dubai, May 2014 – For the 10th edition of the Beach Polo Cup Dubai, event partner AO Technology supplied FALCON® searchlights to illuminate the event arena on the premises of Skydive Dubai and provide special highlights.

To mark the 10th anniversary, the organizers, mamemo productions, directed by Creative Director Sam Katiela (the founder and organizer of Beach Polo Cup Dubai), put on a tremendous show. This was the first time the event had taken place at night. AO Technology illuminated the playing area against the magnificent backdrop of the Dubai Marina skyline using SKY FALCON ARC searchlights as floodlights. They were equipped for the purpose with special lenses to provide an illumination corresponding to natural lighting conditions. Meanwhile xenon searchlights created a canopy of light above the playing area. Each time a goal was scored, FALCON FLOWER searchlights created a multi-beam flower effect.

Players’ Night as well as the closing ceremony were also magnificently staged affairs. For the overall lighting choreography, FALCON BEAM 7,000W, FALCON FLOWER 7,000W, SKY FALCON ARC colour 1.200W and FALCON CMY LED-VIDEO LED/xenon hybrid searchlights were used — the latter contributing to the lighting design now as searchlights, now as video banners. As well as sporting excitement, the jubilee event therefore provided spectators and players alike with memorable visuals in the form of high-tech lighting wizardry. The creative and lighting concept was the work of mamemo productions led by Creative Director Sam Katiela with his team Sonu A.B. (Executive Lighting Designer) and Steve Chapman (Operator) supported by A&O Creative.

It was in Dubai in the Arabian Gulf in 2004 that beach polo was born. Now the game is played in over 30 cities worldwide. The custom-designed Beach Polo Arena at Skydive Dubai is the largest of its kind in the world. The Julius Bär Beach Polo Cup Dubai took place on 11-12 April. After a thrilling duel in the final, Mohammed Al Habtoor and his team VistaJet Bombardier succeeded in dethroning defending champions Julius Bär, led by his brother Rashid, to lift the trophy.


Sky Dive Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


April 2015, April 2014


SKY FALCON ARC colour 1200


2015: Creative & lighting concept developed by mamemo productions under the direction of Creative Director Sam Katiela, Realisation of the creative and lighting concept by lighting designer Sonu A.B.

2014: mamemo productions led by Sam Katiela (Creative Director) with his team Sonu A.B. (Executive Lighting Designer) and Steve Chapman (Operator), supported by AO Creative


mamemo productions

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