3rd October 2008, 8:15 pm 
at German TV channel RTL:

„Mario Barth - Der Weltrekord“,
from the „Olympiastadion Berlin”

Olympiastadium Berlin, Deutschland

Nearly 12 weeks after the successful German comedian Mario Barth achieved with the tour finale of his live programme „Männer sind primitiv, aber glücklich“ the entry “Live comedian with the most spectators” in the guiness book of records, the German TV channel RTL presents the spectacular show from the Olympiastadium Berlin in the prime time television.

All those, who wasn’t on the ground, or who like to watch again the 478.000 watts of the utilized 82 FALCON®s in action, should switch on the TV. Especially at the end of the show the FALCON® xenon searchlights (FALCON® BEAM 7kW and FALCON® 6000 CMY) overwhelm the stadium’s interior room and flooding the star and his stage design in the shape of a reproduction of the Brandenburger Tor with glare Light. A show, you should better not to miss. 


Olympiastadium Berlin, Deutschland


Juli 2008

A&O Equipment:

32 FALCON 6000 CMY  

50 FALCON BEAM colour 7000W


mo2 design


A&O Lighting Technology GERMANY


A&O Technology

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