Nike launches new JORDAN concept store in Dubai

Dubai, UAE

AO Creative realized drone show for Nike’s JORDAN concept store

Two firsts in one go: The first drone show ever at the Dubai Frame and the first flown QR code in the UAE were realized by AO Creative for Nike’s brand JORDAN.

In July 2021, Nike Dubai opened a JORDAN concept store in the Dubai Mall, the first in this region. For this occasion, AO Creative realized an exclusive show experience to introduce the new shop location. 600 AO drones displayed the Jumpman, the brand’s icon, and a giant QR code in the night sky. The QR code could be scanned by the audience and led them to the website of the new store.  The red illuminated Dubai FRAME with the Dubai skyline as a backdrop provided a great stage for the commercial communication.

The new store in Dubai is only the fourth of its kind and joins the list of Jumpman in Los Angeles, Jordan 1 Hongxing in Chengdu and Jordan 9 Guanghua in Beijing.



You would also like to present your QR code in the sky with drones? Make your request here.


AO Creative 



Antony Hansen @mountainlightbox



Dubai Frame, Dubai, UAE



GMG for Nike’s brand JORDAN

JORDAN store launch – social media clip

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